Running reel2bits on non amd64 architectures

reel2bits should be runnable on any architecture assuming reel2bits installation dependencies are satisfied.

On non-docker deployments (e.g. when deploying on linux), this should be completely transparent.

On docker deployments, you will need to build reel2bits’s image yourself, because we don’t provide pre-built multi-arch images on the Docker Hub yet. The build process itself only requires git, Docker and is described below.

Building the Docker image (reel2bits/reel2bits)

This image is intended to be used in conjunction with our Multi-container installation guide. guide.

export REEL2BITS_VERSION="0.0.1"


Replace by master for building a development branch image.

cd /tmp
git clone
cd reel2bits
git checkout $REEL2BITS_VERSION
cd api

# download the pre-built front-end files
curl -L -o $frontend_artifacts
cp -r front/dist frontend

docker build -t reel2bits/reel2bits:$REEL2BITS_VERSION .