Systemd configuration


All the command lines below should be executed as root.

Systemd offers a convenient way to manage your reel2bits instance if you’re not using docker.

We’ll see how to setup systemd to properly start a reel2bits instance.

First, copy the sample files:

cp /home/reel2bits/reel2bits/deploy/ /etc/systemd/system/
cp /home/reel2bits/reel2bits/deploy/reel2bits-web.service /etc/systemd/system/reel2bits-web.service
cp /home/reel2bits/reel2bits/deploy/reel2bits-worker.service /etc/systemd/system/reel2bits-worker.service

You should then edit thoses files as they are using the defaults values we used in this documentation, which might not be what you’ve used.

Please look at the dedicated configuration page for using your own settings.

By default the services assumes the configuration is config.production_secret.Config, which correspond to a file named in the api/config/ directory.

Once this is done, reload systemd:

systemctl daemon-reload

And start the services:

systemctl start

To ensure all reel2bits processes are started automatically on startup, run:

systemctl enable reel2bits-web
systemctl enable reel2bits-worker

You can check the statuses of all processes at any moment:

systemctl status reel2bits-\*