Management commands


  • flask users list: List local users (default), specify --remote to list remote users.

  • flask users create: Create a new user

  • flask users promote-mod: Promote an user as moderator

  • flask users demote-mod: Demote an user as moderator

  • flask users confirm: Force user activation


  • flask roles list: List available roles


By default all commands are non-breaking, meaning you can launch them at any time when needed, otherwise breaking will be specified and needed to be acknowledged.

  • flask db upgrade: Upgrade database migrations

  • flask db-datas 000-seeds: Seed database with default roles and config

  • flask db-datas 001-generate-tracks-uuids: Generate tracks UUIDs when missing

  • flask db-datas 002-set-local-users: Fix user.local to match the actor

  • flask db-datas 003-set-user-quota: Set the default user quota

  • flask db-datas 004-update-file-sizes: Recompute all track files and transcodings sizes

  • flask db-datas 005-update-user-quotas: Recompute all users quotas


  • flask system test-email: Test sending an email to check it works properly

  • flask system config: Dump the whole configuration after interpreting it with interpolated variables

  • flask system routes: Print all known routes of the backend


  • flask tracks regenerate-waveform: Regenerate a waveform or all

  • flask tracks create-missing-activities: Create missing Track Activity (useful if migrating from pre-frontv2)