Upgrading your reel2bits instance to a newer version


Before upgrading your instance, we strongly advise you to make at last a database backup. Ideally, you should make a full backup, including the database and the media files.

We’re commited to make upgrade as easy and straightforward as possible, however, reel2bits is still in development and you’ll be safer with a backup.

Non-docker setup

Upgrading the backend

On non-docker, upgrade involves a few more commands. We assume your setup match what is described in Debian-based distribution installation:


Further commands involving python should always be run after you activated the virtualenv, as described earlier, otherwise those commands will raise errors

Locate the latest release from the release page like v0.6, or if you want to run the unstable master branch.

sudo -u reel2bits -H bash
cd /home/reel2bits/reel2bits/
# If upgrading from stable releases
git fetch -a
git checkout v0.6
# Or if using master:
git pull

# Update dependencies
source /home/reel2bits/virtualenv/bin/activate
pip install -r api/requirements.txt

Then exit your reel2bits user and run as root:

sudo systemctl stop reel2bits.target

Then apply databases migrations:

sudo -u reel2bits -H bash
cd /home/reel2bits/reel2bits/
source /home/reel2bits/virtualenv/bin/activate
cd api
flask db upgrade

You have to update the front-end too, see front-installation.

Exit and restart services:

sudo systemctl start reel2bits.target